Cleaning up Tennis Shoes

My husband and I are major yard salers.  Nearly everything in our home is second hand.  We love getting our furniture, clothes, and tools at major discounts, and we don’t mind that sometimes we have to do a little clean up.

Well, my husband’s current tennis shoes (2 pair) are dying.  Holes, tears, flapping soles. They are well-used, and definitely on their death beds.

However, we were at a yard sale last weekend, and a nice lady was selling a box full of shoes for $2 per pair.

Whaaat. Yes.

So we snagged these comfy bad boys for my sweetheart.

But as you can see on the closer shoe, the rubber soles were a little dirty, and the shoe itself was a little grungy.

Not super gross or anything, but it was something we could do something about.

NOTE: These are also tricks you can use on your own old shoes that have gotten scuffed.
Trick #1: Magic Erasers.

Those things aren’t called magic for nothing.  Get one od the erasers a little wet, and it will shine that shoe sole up like a… Shiny thing.  Seriously. It does a good job of making it white like new.
Trick #2: Toothpaste and an old toothbrush.

The husband was already planning on replacing his toothbrush with another one from the cupboard, so this worked out nicely for us.  Get a little toothpaste on the old toothbrush (careful not to get the gross toothbrush on the cap or tube), and scrub on the sides of your shoe soles.
Trick #3: Rag and bristle brush.

Depending on your shoe’s material, you can scrub the actual fabric of your shoe with a rag and then a bristle brush, to clean the sides and top.

And viola!

Your $2 tennis shoes can look as good as new!

Happy cleaning!

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