DIY Mason Jar Ring Pumpkin

So, I have a friend who is moving… And she gave me a lot of Mason jars. Like, a LOT.

Boxes of jars, and a big box of lids and rings.

I’m not complaining… I love jars.
Well, a few days ago, I finally got around to sorting through the lids and lid rings, and lots of them were pretty rusty, so I threw them in a box to throw away.

Yesterday, I went to go throw them out, and I thought, “Self, there has to be something else I can do with these.” So I asked the Pinterest.

Mason jar ring pumpkins galore.  Turns out, that’s basically all you can do with them.

Lucky for me, fall time is coming up, and there’s nothing better than a fall decoration that you can keep up from mid-August to the end of November.

Also lucky for me, it was nap time, and I didn’t have little hands helping me.

So I set to work.

One of the pictures I saw on Pinterest said that I needed 22 lid rings for the project, and that ended up being perfect.

I gathered them up, and I was going to make them into a shabby rusty pumpkin, but I wasn’t brave enough.

So I decided to cover them in different patterns of orange paper.

Except then I found out I only had one type of orange paper. Lame.

So I cut a bunch of strips with my handy dandy rotary blade (about 1/2 inch thick)…

And then I hot glued the paper strips on!

Let me tell you, it’s actually really hard to photograph hot glue in the process, without it drying up.


Anyway, sooner than later, I had a big pile of 22 orange rings.

And I decided to add some character, so I cut some strips of newspaper, maybe 1/4- 2/5 inch thick…

And I glued the newspaper strips in the middle, on half of the rings.

Then I started stacking them.  If you want them to end up in a nice, round circle, then you need to make sure they are all facing the same direction, and nestled into each other.

I did every other ring orange and newspapered.

Then, run a piece of yarn or twine through the rings. (They won’t stay perfect while you do this. The most important thing is that all the rings are facing the same direction.)

Pull it very tight, and add a drop of hot glue to the half-knot, so that it doesn’t slip.

Finish tying, and cut the excess.

Then adjust the rings so that they are all aligned, and nestled, each one, into the one before it.

That’ll give you a cute little circle, instead of a clumpy pumpkin.  Maybe clumpy is the look you’re going for, but not I.

Also, make sure to rotate the rings so that the seams from the paper are all hidden in the middle of the pumpkin.

Next, cut a little leaf or two out of burlap.  I sealed the edges with a thin line of hot glue, as you can see.

Fold a crease into it for depth.

As for the stem, lots of people use cinnamon sticks, which is super cute, and also probably smells good.

I didn’t have cinnamon sticks…or patience… So I used a thick twiny rope chunk I had…

and stuffed it in the middle with the leaf.


And there you have it.

A cute little pumpkin to use up your old rusty Mason jar lid rings.

Don’t forget to be like me, and keep it up for the entire autumnal-ish season!

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