DIY Fire Pit

For labor day, we decided to work some more on our (struggling) yard.  We’ve definitely neglected it during the hot summer.  Also, we’ve lived here long enough that we should actually do something about the stuff we don’t like. Speaking of which….

There are a lot of old-people bricks around the perimeters of our yard and bordering our plants.

Like, a lot.  All over.

It seemed wasteful to just get rid of them, but they were so old looking…

Especially the rounded bumpy longer skinny ones.

So, the solution we decided on (for at least some of the bricks) was a fire pit!

Unfortunately, this project only used a small percentage of the weird old bricks we have in our yard… Maybe we’ll build a fire pit for each member of the family? Ha.

Anyway. We picked a section of the yard where it wouldn’t cause any efficiency problems, or catch anything on fire…which was harder than you’d think.

Since we had the flat squareish bricks, we used that as a base.

Make sure the earth beneath (and the actual bricks) is flat for the bottom layer, cause that will impact the rest of your structure.

Stomp the bricks down, if you need to. But make sure it’s flat.

We created a square of bricks.

Then we began layering the weird rounded bricks on top of it, alternating angles.

Then we (as in, my husband, who made the whole thing) added a layer of square bricks to the top, to tie it all in.

Then we sprayed it down. Caaaause it needed to be sprayed down.

And just like that, within about an hour, we had our own cute little fire pit. Thanks, husband!

And it serves the double purpose of “getting rid of” some of those gross bricks.  Holla.

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