3 Things to Consider When Naming Your Baby

1. What are people going to REALLY call your child?

Consider potential nicknames.

People like to give nicknames. Accept it.  Lillian becomes Lily.  Kathryn becomes Katie or Kathy.  Peter becomes Pete.  Stan becomes Stan the Man. Think about what people might call your child, and figure out if you’re okay with it.

I love the name Hannah, but nearly every Hannah is called Hannah Banana.  Which I hate.

Brainstorm offensive or annoying rhymes.

Say the name out loud.

If your kid’s name rhymes with any kind of foul language, remember how brutal middle school is, and reconsider.  Bullying is a real thing.  Don’t make it easier.

Also, be kind and don’t rhyme their first name with their last name.  Just don’t.

What will their initials spell?

Your last name is Griffin.  You want to name your beautiful daughter Paige Isabelle. Mistake.

2. Famous people.  Google the name.

Do you want to accidentally name your kid after a mass murderer from the 1950s?

And please, for your child’s sake, avoid extremely famous names.  If your last name is Potter, you cannot name your child Harry.  Sorry, not sorry.

3. Spelling and pronunciation.

I get it.  You want to be unique.  But if the name Ashley has more than 9 letters, you’re trying too hard.  Let your child have a spell-able name, for their sake, and the sake of everyone around them.

I love my husband’s middle name, but it’s easily mispronounced.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone say it correctly the first time. I’d love to name one of our children after him, and I love that middle name.

However, we legitimately would not have peace of mind, knowing that our son’s first name would be mispronounced his entire life.

Ultimately, it’s your decision, not mine.

But please at least think about your child, and the consequences that could result from a name.


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