My New Bullet Journal Set-up

Confession time.
In my post last month about bullet journaling for One Year, I made fun of cutesy layouts and having millions of different personality pages and spreads.

I said that those kinds of spreads were a joke, and that a system like that wouldn’t work for me.

And maybe it didn’t, last month. Haha.

But I have taken things super slow in my new bullet journal, and I have been really having fun taking the time to implement the spreads that I’ve always dreamed about.  They’re not perfect, or anything, but they make me happy.

So, without further ado…

My new array of layouts and spreads in the beginning of my new bullet journal!

Woo hoo.

To start, I searched my Pinterest board for ideas, then I made a list of all the different spreads and pages I wanted in my journal. Feel free to admire my original “brain” drawings in the bottom right corner hahaha.

Then I just started sketching and doing!

First off, the index.  This was a time investment, but I absolutely love it.

I based it off of this person’s index.  I numbered every single page in my bullet journal, and then I pre-numbered my entire index, all the way to the end.  It took up 6 pages, but it’s totally done.  It’s been really convenient, especially while I was working on laying out the early spreads in my bullet journal.  I didn’t have to fill in every page, or feel rushed to finish a spread in order to write it in my index. In fact, for a while, I had a whole chunk missing while I worked on other things.

Next, I had my goals for the year, which you have already seen here… And I decided to do a “rest of the year” in pixels (and actually do it this time!).  It’s been kinda fun, besides the fact that it’s hard to only pick one emotion for the day!

Next, I have a page for songs that I love… Which I have suddenly become very picky about…

Then a page for books I want to read, and movies I want to watch.  I decided to combine this into a single page, even though lots of people have them separate. Can you believe I had never read the book Holes until last week??

Then I wanted somewhere to collect my favorite quotes (FYI the desert quote is taken out of context, but I still like it)….

And somewhere to write down the weird dreams I have…

Then my personal wish list and present ideas.  I originally drew a little doodle for the present page, that I really hated, so I taped over it and started over haha.

Then I wanted a page for writing down my date nights with the hubster…

And. This. On the right.  (AKA brain drawing #2, aided by this.) Since we got married almost 4 years ago, we have had countless moments where we both thought the same thing at the same time, and it was weirdly coincidental.  And for years, we have been saying that we should write all these weird psychic moments down.  But we never have.  Until now.  Cause now we have a place for it. Tada.

Then I have a place to write particularly inspiring moments from General Conference talks as I relisten, and another page for funny life moments.

My next spread, I’m super excited about, because I made a list of all the meals I make!  Cause for real, they need to be all in one place, to reference for when I meal plan.  I’m sure there are more in-depth ways to organize the meals, but this is seriously all I need right now.  A big ol’ list.

Next I have my list of things to save for, and the lofty monetary goals we have for them…

And that’s it for the fun stuff, for now!

Then I’ve got my future log.

And my sideways October layout.  Which I don’t love.  But it’s only a month.

And my weekly layouts (which are very similar to my weeklies in my old journal).

And all my fun dailies.

So, all in all, I have to take my words back a little…  Because I really do like making my bullet journal more creative.
I still think bullet journals are a very functional and fun idea without all the additional spreads, but I’m excited for my “new” bullet journaling, and for the extra life I’ve decided to add to my book.

(I should also mention that it’s only a matter of time before my children completely destroy it.  The end.)

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