DIY Pallet Wood Headboard

Oh, dear pallet wood.

Pallets are like cats. Everyone is literally giving them away, and you should never feel like you have to pay for one.

No wonder they’re both so popular.

We invested in a Dewalt planer not too long ago (which was not free, but it’ll pay itself off eventually, so kinda?), and we have loveeeed planing our pallet wood.

You have to be super careful to make sure all of the nails are out, but it makes the wood really smooth.

Tip: I read this somewhere: if you cut off the ends of your pallets, it gets rid of a lot of the nails on the ends that you would have had to deal with, and it also makes the process faster.  The small amount of (free) wood you lose is not worth the hassle.

What are we doing with the good pallet wood, you ask?

(There was a title to this post, so….let’s hope you already know.)

We’ve been wanting a headboard for a while.

It’s one of those things that we feel makes a huge visual difference in a room, like, you know, actually making your bed.

And after getting a bunch more pallet wood from some friends, we decided to bite the bullet and make a headboard!

First, my sweetie pulled apart the cut pallets and planed a ton of wood.

There were lots of unusable pieces (either too warped or too decayed or too weird), so we threw them in a bucket for fire wood.

We measured our bed, and figured out what the headboard dimensions needed to be, and just jumped in!

We started by laying out our wood.

We rearranged it, and tried several different patterns, based on lengths and where our support boards would go…

And that’s about when one of our children woke up from naptime, and the all-amazing husband completely took over.

He started cutting the boards to length, and patching them together, in headboard dimensions.

Isn’t it wonderful?

I’m so blessed to have such a talented a husband, who I trust to do things correctly haha.

He slid some support boards underneath at the designated intervals, marked where he wanted the screws to go, drilled some pilot holes, and then drilled in alternating screws.

My job was erasing the pencil marks around each screw. 😂 #teamplayer

After all the boards were screwed into the supports, my husband slid the two 4×4 posts under each side and screwed them in.



He measured and cut a 1×6 board and screwed that on top for depth and shelf storage functionality.

Then, to add a more finished look, and to cover up the obvious line of screws, he added some “trim” to the sides.

Then it was carried inside by Mr. Muscles, and viola! Classy classy classy.  All for about $20 worth of support posts.

We have yet to anchor it to the wall securely, but as for now it’s pinned between our bed and then wall, and we love the depth it adds to our master bedroom!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. angewls says:

    Love, love, love! And I’m not sure if we knew you had a planer, but I’m not telling Thad just in case cause he would be majorly jealous…


    1. Thanks! And haha well, we won’t tell him either. Lol.


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