Honey Pancakes

I’m on a journey to cut out refined sugar from my life… Mostly homemade goodies that I have perfected to magical deliciousness over the years.

…Which is extremely difficult and feels pointless most of the time, but I’ve got good reasons for doing it. Most of those reasons for cutting it involve health, cause let’s be real, we all know sugar has nothing good to offer except (great) taste.

What makes it even harder is that my family is staying home from my no-sugar journey haha, so there is often lots of sugar in the house.

However, I’m the boss of the kitchen, so (if I want to torture everyone else) I can take out sugar from recipes and replace them with honey or banana or other not-as-great substitutes.

(Can you tell I haven’t mentally eliminated sugar from my life yet?)

One of the only substitutions that I feel has actually been successful is pancakes!

Pancakes in general are a huge hit with my kids, and I didn’t want to make a different breakfast for myself (just so that I was avoiding sugar), so I researched to find a honey replacement solution.

Now, in case you didn’t know, when you change a recipe to replace sugar with honey, you have to alter the entire recipe to accommodate the differences in texture and water content, etc.

My previous pancake recipe (my mom’s) had 1/3 cup of white sugar in it, and I altered the entire recipe to now include 1/4 cup of honey.

And it works great!

So without further ado…

Honey Pancakes Recipe

You want the mixture to be kinda thick, not super watery.

Cook the pancakes on the griddle until they start to bubble. When pancakes bubble like this, that means they are ready to flip!

Top the pancakes with your favorite apple butter or jam, and you’re all set!

Funny story: Last time I made these pancakes, my husband decided to help me take a picture of his pancake plate for the cover of this blog post. We stacked up pancakes, and smothered them in beautiful syrup for pictures. While he ate his pancakes, I added some words to my favorite picture…..

And then it hit me, and I realized I was almost a total blockhead.

Hellooo. Syrup. Sugar.

Needless to say, this picture was obviously not the first thing you saw on the post! 😂. That would have been great, “Here’s a sugar-free recipe, drowning in sugar!”

Let me know how these pancakes work for you, and how your family likes them!

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