DIY Leather Ring

So, Christmas just recently happened.

And my husband and I had some… Miscommunication. Lol.

I always have a hard time surprising him with gifts (he always seems to find out), so when I bought him a card game he likes (Skipbo), I flat out told him not to look in the file cabinet in my craft room (where I hid it).

I was pretty sure he knew what it was, and he said he was pretty sure he knew what it was, so we decided not to talk about it so that it could still be technically a “surprise.” Ha.

We went on like that for weeks, every once in a while mysteriously mentioning the surprise from me.

Christmas morning, he opened that gift with anticipation…. And, with surprise and mild disappointment, said, “Skipbo!”

Turns out, he did not know what it was. Hahahaha.

He thought it was going to be a ring.

Long story short, last year, I got him a cheap extra wedding band that was gold colored (his original was a charcoal gray color). He has had fun over the last year, switching his rings back and forth every so often.

Apparently, we recently had a conversation about how that would be cool if I got him a new ring every year? And so he thought I was going to do it? I have no recollection of this conversation, and no idea that it was special to him. He wasn’t mad or anything, just a little bummed.

So. Because I love my husband very much, and because it was a cheap way to bring a smile to his face, I planned to buy him another unique ring for a late present.

This week is our 4 year wedding anniversary, and in my efforts to find a fun little anniversary present, I saw that some lady on Pinterest had made a leather ring for her husband.

Jackpot. I have tons of faux leather! #yardsales

So, I got one of the pieces out that I thought would look good on a ring, and matched some thread to it.

Then I cut a thin strip of the leather and measured it against his ring that he wasn’t wearing.

Then I tripled up some thread, tied a knot on one end, and, using a heavier duty needle, I hand sewed the ring ends together. It ain’t perfect or anything, but it gets the job done in a rustic-looking way.

The first time ^, I actually made it too small, which proves that this is an easy project, cause I did it twice haha.

This picture kept being “helped” by tiny toddler fingers…

So there it is!  A perfect (and basically free, holla!) anniversary surprise for my sweetheart, and it only took me a few minutes! I’m excited, because this time, the ring will actually be a surprise!

Have you ever given the wrong Christmas present?

Do you have any more great anniversary present ideas??

PS. I gave it to him, and he loved it! However, I might need to figure out a different ring, because this one isn’t waterproof…. And most people wash their hands. 🙂

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