Bean bag chair

Story time.

So, a few weeks ago, we bought some comfy gray beanbag chairs from WalMart for our kids’ new playroom.
Totally worth it to not have to make my own comfy seating, and we pricematched to get a better deal.

And (DRUMROLL…..) this morning, at a KILLER yard sale, we got this matching blue bean bag chair for ONE DOLLAR.

Woooo hoooo.

However, it was pretty flat.

I propped it up to look better for the picture, but it definitely needed more bean bag filler.

But the amount I would need to fill it would cost like… $16… Which seemed expensive. Haha.

Especially since I had a giant body pillow that I had bought at a different yard sale about a year ago. For $2.

I had used it for sleeping during pregnancy, but I don’t use it anymore, so I cut it open.


My son loved the batting…

And then (confession) I put on the Magic School Bus for him for the whole time that I did the rest of the stuff in this post, cause 1. I didn’t want him to choke on the little balls. And 2. I didn’t want any of the little balls to spread around the house and get eaten by the other kids.

So, I opened it upppp…

And just started pulling apart batting and stuffing it in!

My biggest problem: Static electricity.

This, no joke, happened with zero effort, every single time I stuffed the batting in.

The little balls were literally jumping onto my arms.

C’est la vie.

It was a total mess.

After I got it all cleaned up, and the entire body pillow stuff inside, I tested it….

And it was mediocre. The bottom was too flat.

So I stuffed a cheap $4 pillow from WalMart in it.

And viola!

For a whopping total of $1 (chair) + $2 (batting) + $3.76 (pillow) = $6.76… I got a bean bag (ish) chair!

Now I have a designated “Mommy” chair in the play room, but the kids can still get their own seats. 😎


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