DIY Giant Wall Ruler: Mission Accomplished

I have always loved giant wall rulers.

First off: cute.

Secondly: functional.

Growing up, we measured ourselves on the wall behind the door in my mom’s sewing room. And then when I was older, we measured ourselves on the door jam in my sister’s closet. (What a random spot…hm.)

And both of those places are completely non-transferable. Well, I guess we could rip out the door jam… Or the wall…

Regardless, the giant ruler thingies are easier. And decorative at the same time!

A while back, I started making one of of some plywood we had… But the stain I used (Dark Walnut Minwax, which I love to use on pine) took weird to the plywood, and it looked stupid. Sooo I turned it into some other projects, like string art and some church Activity Days temple boards.

BUT. About a month ago, I remembered a long pine board in the garage, and just started on it. This tutorial was very helpful.

I cut it to length, and sketched on all the marks.

Then I cut out stencils of the numbers, put them on, and traced them…with a little help. There were several extra pencil lines made when I wasn’t looking…

Then I propped the board between two chairs, and I started wood burning.

(I had to move outside; it was super smoky.)

I picked up this nifty burner at Harbor Freight for just a couple of bucks.

I had to burn outside, because it was too stinky inside. I’m not sure how the girl in the tutorial did it, but I couldn’t just breathe in the wood smoke, and it kept floating right into my eyes.

By the end of making the board, I looked something like this:

Super cute.🙄

The burning took forever. Hours.

The pictures after this point were taken a month after the first pictures, cause I just procrastinated finishing it all.

It took me a solid 2 hours just to finish it.

Then we erased the pencil marks and hung it on the wall! (We screwed it into the foot marks at 1 and 6 feet, so that it wasn’t as noticable.)

Also, I’m debating whether I should stain it to create a light weathered gray look… or just leave it as is. What do you think?

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