Painting the Paneled Wall

A few weeks ago, Google photos showed me that a year ago, we had painted one of the paneled walls in the middle of our house…. And I was super embarrassed that we had never painted the other one!

So basically our house looked like THAT for a year.

Just with picture frames and a mirror on it.

And it wasn’t a great paint job, either. The edges were sloppy, cause we thought we were going to go back and touch up… Even though we never did.

See the top edge?

Anyway, we were embarrassed. Especially since we had the extra paint. In our house. For a year.

So, when my husband’s birthday rolled around and our friends asked if there were any projects they could help with to surprise him, I knew the perfect project!

We worked really hard for a few hours, and cranked out the wall! (We should have done primer, but I was cheap….)

Now it looks so much better! And my husband was super happy to not have to paint the wall himself! We are blessed to have good friends.

We also touched up the top edge on the other wall, and I can’t believe how much better it looked with so little effort!

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