Kitchen Remodel – Part 1

So, the hubs and I have a life motto that we have been following for the past little while:

“Do things while you’re excited about them.”


Isn’t it great? Haha.

It works really well.

And right now, we are excited about our kitchen! Woo hoo! We are partially through our remodel, and I figured I would share an update!

Here is a before picture of our kitchen:

A few months ago, we finally ripped out the upper cabinet on a whim, with the help of a friend. I don’t miss it at ALL. We should have done it a year and a half ago.

And some different friends helped us install this side door that Britt found at Home Depot on clearance for $73. Such a blessing!

All that weird wood on the interior? Don’t ask…

Isn’t it beautiful?

It was a pain to get in, because it was bigger than the opening. Obviously we need to finish the edges and put some trim.

Then we replaced the single-pane window, which was awesome, and gives me a lot more peace of mind.

And we started chipping out the old faded yellow backsplash. Bleck.

We were super blessed to find a stainless steel double oven on clearance at Home Depot as well (because of a giant dent in the top…that we are hoping we can un-dent.)

We waffled back and forth on where our new stove was going to go… Where the fridge is?

Or where the white shelves were?

Or where the old cooktop was?

Or beside the kitchen window?

We have thought about it a LOT. And we have decided on a lot of different ways (just change our minds again)…all of which have pros and cons.

We could add cabinets around it, if it goes where the white shelves used to be…but it is awkward, location-wise.

It would take out my future (essential) counter space to be by the window, or where the old stove top used to be.

The fridge cuts off the kitchen too much if it was anywhere besides where it is, so the stove going there is a no-go.

And on, and on, and on.

But on a whim, we just decided to go with the option that is the most appealing to us, the one that makes the most sense, but that we have tried not to consider because it would remove some cabinet space AND we would have to reroute the dishwasher… And a 220 volt line.

Drumroll, please…

We are going to put the oven on this wall!

Now, I would say that it was negotiable still, and that we might change our mind…
But it is definitely, definitely too late to go back now.

We decided to just go for it before we chickened out.

Let’s be honest, open shelving would not work for me hahaha.

So then Britt moved the supports around, and added sides (using the shelves that he cut out)… And rerouted the electrical stuff (hence the giant hole in the wall) and stuck in a nice new microwave! Woo hoo!

In the weeks since this has happened, the cabinet space has been a little tight, but I have loved thinking about the potential of our little kitchen.

More to come!

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