Kitchen Remodel: Part 2

I call this phase of our kitchen remodel “The Demo and the Dishwasher.”
Aaand “The Oven.”

After Stage 1 of our kitchen remodel, we took out the gross cook top on our counter, and (professionally) covered the hole…

Then, we were so inspired by the lack of backsplash behind the kitchen sink that we chiseled out the rest of it, and the countertop as well.

We Britt removed the bar…

And put on a temporary “counter”…

We put on some VERY ugly contact paper to keep it waterproof… The ugly part was my idea, so that we didn’t ever like it and keep it haha.

Because we wanted the dishwasher on the other side of the room, Britt had to rework the wooden supports.

And then, several months later (because that’s how remodels go) we were so blessed to get a nicer dishwasher secondhand for $50, and Britt installed it while I was at the doctor with one of the kids!

Then, two weeks ago, Britt cut out the lower cabinet in our way….

And rerouted the 220 electrical line through the ceiling to the new location, and it was the perfect length!!

It was a ton of work, but he did an awesome job, and I’m so happy to have the oven in the correct location, instead of in the dining room!

Be on the lookout for Part 3! (Maybe in 6 months, since that’s the rate we’re going.)

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