Kitchen Remodel: Part 3 (The Upper Cabinets)

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

– Napoleon Hill

Several weeks ago, we decided that we we’re going to completely finish the upper cabinets in one week. Start to finish, it took about 13 days, but hey, close enough.

The day after Britt and I decided to do the project, I kinda just went for it while he was at work. I took all the stuff out, found the paint stripper attachment for the drill, and went to work….

For the next….



Seriously, that paint was so thick. It’s the worst.

Also, here’s a lovely picture of my DIY face mask.

I know this is a million pictures of sanding, But BELIEVE ME. It was a million HOURS of sanding!

Britt came home and helped me…

And then he finished up the framing around the microwave.

And the other framing…

And then, because it was late, and we were excited, we went ahead and primed that baby.

The drill has nothing to do with it at this point. 😂

Then, while I fell asleep on the couch, Britt painted the first coat of the cabinets! Woo hoo.

We had to make all new doors, so we cut the MDF for the pieces…

And then we glued and nailed them all together, put wood filler in the holes, and set them to dry.

We put another layer of paint (let me tell you, we ran into a lot of problems with this paint sprayer).

Britt finished up the doors, which was super nice.

We borrowed a friend’s jig for the hinges and handles, and everything worked great!

Finally, we painted the doors! Ta da!

They are far from perfect, but we decided that’s a good thing… Cause then we will be slightly less mortified when one of kids takes a marker or a hammer to a cabinet door. Haha.

We are super happy with how the upper cabinets turned out! It’s a little depressing (because now we know that the rest of the kitchen is also going to take 192747592192747 hours), BUT we are inspired by the fact that something in our kitchen is DONE.

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