Kitchen Remodel Part 4: Thanksgiving Weekend

I’m way late posting about it, but my brother Ben came to visit us for Thanksgiving this year! It was super fun, and it was great to have him visit. The kids loved having him around.

Ben has been doing a ton of remodeling on his own house, and since he knows how easy it is to get stuck in an emotional remodel rut, he thought it would be fun to help us get some inspiration to keep remodeling soon!

One of the biggest things in our way was the hours and hours and hours of sanding this awful thick white paint.

Seriously. So many hours. And Ben did most of it.

We have tried almost everything from sanders to drill wire attachments to paint strippers to oscillating tools, and nothing effectively takes off this paint, I’m telling you.

So then they ripped off my (struggling) contact paper…

And, using a laser level as a guide, cut down the entire top of the countertops several inches in order to accommodate for the new counters we were going to put on… Without being too low for the dishwasher.

Theeeen we splurged. A big, beautiful farmhouse sink. I’ve been in love since that first moment. It’s fabulous.

And we tossed out our old, shallow, stained double bowl. Good riddance!

They cut down the cabinets, and they also reframed the dishwasher…

And installed can lighting (which was one of the best decisions that happened in our kitchen).

When my kitchen was at this point … It was a little bit hard not to panic just a bit. No cabinets, no counters, no sink…

They solidified the dishwasher electrical work, and also added an outlet to the end of the peninsula!

Then they reframed and created a support system for the new sink!

And finished framing…

And I ended the night with an uninstalled (but supported) sink, and no counters…but much more hope, and much more light!

And we went back to plywood. *Shudder*

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